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For questions, bug reports, feature requests, suggestions, test results and other issues of public interest please use the Fingerprint GUI Forum.

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For questions about fingerprint devices and drivers and other issues of public interest not directly related to Fingerprint GUI please use the libfprint mailing list (

Linux Forums

For general questions about Linux, installation, configuration problems or something like that please go into one of the Linux forums on the net. Here are some useful links: (german), (english), (english), (english).

Linux PAM Documentation

For questions about PAM you might have a look into the documentation here: "The Linux PAM Guides" It's a "must read" for all who want to change something in their PAM configuration (..and you have to, if you want login by fingerprints). But in my opinion it's one of the most incomplete and unintelligible documentations I know, and thus a permanent danger to the security.

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